Friday, January 14, 2011

Garmin 310xt Giveaway : DC Rainmaker

for a chance to win a Garmin 310xt, head on over to the DC rainmaker blog for giveaway details.  I wish I had one of these! 

Friday, January 7, 2011

2011 Goals

2011 is now under way, so it’s time to think about my goals and key races.  By writing my thoughts down here, I will have a better chance of reaching these goals, and you’ll all get a chance to see how I am doing too.
Races/Goals for 2011
Race Goal Date Priority Result Comments
Molly's 5k 0:24 3/20/2011 C
assuming I am fit to run (vacation)
Kinetic Sprint 1:45 5/15/2011 C  1:30:04 750m/18mi/5k - first tri for 2011
Reston 1mi swim 0:30 5/29/2011 C  31:15 first non-tri open water swim
Eagleman 70.3 5:30 6/12/2011 B  5:16:22
first 70.3 – hard to estimate
Luray Olympic Sprint 1:45 8/13/2011 B allowing for hilly course
Nation's Tri - Olympic 2:25 9/11/2011 A beat last years 2:28:11 time!
Beach 2 Battleship 70.3 5:20
10/29/2011 A improve on EagleMan time
There is a theme here – start the year slow and finish strong with my ‘A’ races.  This schedule is busier than previous years where I’ve only competed in 3 tri’s for 2009 & 2010.
I don’t have a race scheduled for July – will be volunteering at Ironman Lake Placid, NY so I can register to race it in 2012!  I am excited about the prospect of 2 half ironman races in
Other 2011 Goals
Swim learn to flip turn I have tried a few flip turns, but I’m really not good enough to try them during masters swim’s, unless I am the last one in the group.  Need to spend a few sessions focusing on turns to get comfortable
avg 1:38/100y made great improvements during 2010, getting down to 1:40/100y for longer sets.  Keep improving on this by a few seconds per 100
Bike 260 ftp
continue working on increasing my power (computrainer) - 2010 max 244
buy a Triathlon bike
it is time to replace my road bike, this will be it’s 3rd season.  Getting more aero for the longer races will help.
get my body ready for running
I have been working with my Physical Therapist over the last 2 weeks trying to figure out/fix some recurring right calf pain.  they found some imbalances in both hips & we haven't even looked at my running gait yet.  I really need to my body fit for running before anything else.
Completed – March 2011!  - able to run 3-4 times per week, long run 1hr6mins on March 23rd
get some consistent running in
2009 was all about the swim (from nothing to not bad), and 2010 was a big breakthrough on the bike (avg up from 18 to 21mph).  I would love to make some large leaps on the run this year – ideally better than 8:00 mile pace for longer runs
Other Blog
get at least 1 comment on the blog.
this blog is really just a vehicle for me to record what I’m up to.  And of course so I can reflect on it later.  Knowing that others might be reading at some point would be cool
take some good vacation/family time during the summer.  Previous years I've worked a lot during the summer - this year I want to have a few weeks when the kids are off school