Monday, August 22, 2011

Weight loss experiment progress

Last week I started an experiment to see if I could drop a few pounds before my next race.  I started loosely following a diet that fatty had some huge success with.  Note: he’s not fat at all, and his cycling blog is awesome.  

The first 3 days started very well, down 4.8 pounds from my last post here.

Since then I have continued to drop some extra body fat, it seems mostly from around my trunk – this is exactly what I wanted, but really hadn’t expected.

So after a week now – I am down a total of 7.2 pounds (today was 177.8), my original goal was around 177, so I am just about there.   I mentioned above that I am not following the diet strictly – most of the time I’ll have the egg whites & avocado twice a day (once on Saturday and not at all on Sunday), adding in some grated mozzarella and a small tomato to make it taste better.  In the evenings we’ve been having a salad with chicken. 

I feared that the weekend might undo all of the gains (actually losses) that I had made, with a great dinner party @ friends on Saturday evening, with much more than my normal amount of alcohol.  On Sunday evening I helped the kids make pizza from scratch – and of course I had to try some for myself.  I also completed 2 hard 3hr bike rides this weekend, following my planned race/pre-race fueling strategy, it is more important to me to continue quality training,  so I am not really focused on losing weight.

So where to now…  Since last week went so well, I’ll try to continue again this week.  Maybe if I’m lucky I might even hit around 175!  Wow, I can’t believe that I am now in the 170’s and confident I can stay there.  This is a long way from where I started 2.5 years ago – 30lbs heavier and had no thoughts of triathlon at all, I had just started doing some running hoping to at 208lb and wanting to get under 200.  I might even try to get leaner over the off-season this winter.

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