Tuesday, April 5, 2011

March Totals

Wow – the year is 1/4 over as far as the calendar goes.  January and February for me were focused on physical therapy, to fix the problems I had with my calf and the hip imbalance's that we found.

For march I was finally able to start running again, building up from 45 minutes to just over 1hr for the longer sessions.  Here’s a summary from training peaks.

Swim 17,350 yards   5.5 hours
Bike    229 miles         11.8 hrs
Run    89.6 miles        12.6 hrs
Mtb    14.9 miles          2.5 hrs
Other (stretching)     11 hrs
Days with no training - 3

Overall I am happy with that – I thought I had spend more time on the bike, but it has been hard with some of the traveling that I have been doing, including a 4 day weekend at the beach.  If I add the 2.5 hr mountain bike ride the bike total looks a little better.

April has started off quite a bit differently.  Since returning from California, I’ve managed to bring back a nasty flu that has meant no training for the last 4 days.  I am hoping that tomorrow I can at least get some light exercise for 30minutes.  I did have a flu shot last year, I guess that it has worn off by now.  I haven’t been as frustrated as I thought, since I really have been feeling off.  Today is the first day where I was feeling a little agitated.  I’ll take that as a sign that I am getting better.  All of the coughing that I have been doing has worked out the abs though!

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