Monday, April 4, 2011

MTB Ride in California

I often travel to my company’s headquarters in Redwood City, California.  Last week I managed to get in an afternoon mountain bike ride in Belmont, out of the Passion Trails Bikes shop.  they set me up with a sweet full suspension 29er (Pivot 429) and off I went with a friend from the office.  The people there are really great, and they had a bbq after their usual Wednesday evening ride along with a few beers, what more could you want!

We managed to squeeze in a 2.5 hr ride before the darkness set in.

I haven’t ridden an MTB for many years – it has got to be about 10.  The training over the winter in the basement seems to have paid off as I was easily able to keep up and power through the whole ride.  I thought my bike handling would be a but rusty, but after the first few descents I was ready to go.  The terrain there was really varied, a lot of narrow single track and many steep & technical sections.  There are a lot of trails that intersect and the view from the top of some was magnificent.

Here’s a few that I managed to snap off – they aren’t the best, I was focusing on riding and not playing tourist!


It was such a beautiful day, in the mid 70’s.


from near the top – you can see the bay close to Foster City.


this one is looking more towards redwood city – we rode the trails all over the valley in the foreground. 

this last picture is not one of mine – I grabbed it from the Passion Trail website.  I remember riding this section both up and down.  it is actually steeper than it looks.


I am really looking to getting back there again for my next trip – which is looking like it will be the end of April.

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