Friday, January 27, 2012

A Blast from the Past

A few months ago, I made a trip back to Australia to renew my work visa.  During that time, I finally got to cleaning out all of our things in storage, shipping some of it for us to use. 

There were a few things that I had completely forgotten about, including some old entries into some windsurfing world championships from my early 20’s.

The first one is from 1991, from Adelaide.  I look so young!blast-001

This one was from Singapore, I think from 1992, raceboard world championships.  I ended up finishing 10th after having some equipment problems.blast-003

and the last one is a really terrible photo, from 1994.blast-002

it all seems like so long ago now, but I have fond memories of all of these competitions, especially from Singapore.

to continue with the nostalgia, here are some pictures of me windsurfing.

I was about 16 here.  Between races on at Narrabeen Lake, Sydney.  My dad took this, on the boat the he used for the start/finish of our local races.  The equipment I was using was the original Windsurfer – we raced on these for years.windsurfing1

The next one was taken @ Palm Beach, Sydney.  I still remember this day.  A winter westerly wind.  I was using a large sail (7.3sqm) with a weight jacket.  This was back in the days when our Australian numbers were all ‘KA’ before switching to AUS.windsurfing2

the last one for today was taken at Mona Vale Beach, Sydney.   At the time I was living with friends close enough to walk here.  The photo’s were taken from a rocky point.  The board that I was using was one of my favourites – a custom slalom/racing by John Hall (Hybrid)windsurfing3

after all of this water sports reflection this morning, it’s time to go off to the pool for a swim!

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