Monday, February 20, 2012

1,000 miles in my Newton’s

This weekend I hit 1,000 miles of running in my Newton Gravity’s.  While it is customary to change into a new set of shoes every 300-500 miles, mine have been still going strong and not showing a lot of wear.  The wear pattern is even across the lugs too, showing that my foot strike/form must at least consistent.

Until now I didn’t really see a need to get a new pair.  I have raced in them a few times, but recently only used them for training (using the Distance lightweight trainer for races).    Of course lugs have worn down over time, but the rest of the shoes are still in great shape.

track 1IMG_2099

After hitting the 1,000 mile mark – I think it is time these shoes entered retirement. The good news is that Newton just released the new model of the Gravity training shoes, this time in Red!



  1. Nice! I had Newtons for a while but ended up getting injured in them. My foot is so darn wide that it hangs off the ends of the lugs and does weird things. But don't think I'm not gonna go try on the new red ones to see if they've made any changes to width.

  2. my foot is pretty wide, and they have fit very well. hopefully you will have success when trying the updated style. I am also considering some MV2's